Qinghai conducts field trip to Qinghai Lake during the freeze-up period

15-01-2019Source:China Meteorological News Press

During the field trip Photoed by Cao Xiaoyun

From January 12 to 13, researchers from Qinghai provincial institute of meteorological sciences went to the areas near Qinghai Lake to conduct field trip and ground verification work during the freeze-up period.

Researchers have measured spectrum data of lake ice, estuaries, grasslands, and gained a comprehensive understanding of the freeze-up conditions in Qinghai Lake. This research has ramped up the knowledge of the corelation between the freeze-up and meteorological factors, and provided support for elevating remote sensing level of the freeze-up period in Qinghai Lake. (Jan. 15)

Reporter: Dai Suigang, Qiao Bin, Zhu Cunxiong

Editor: Liu Shuqiao