Typhoon forecast in central-western Huanghuai Region has made remarkable progresses

29-01-2019Source:China Meteorological News Press

The project of forecasting technological research on typhoon and rainstorm affecting central-western Huanghuai Region undertaken by Henan Meteorological Center, Shanghai Typhoon Institute of China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and Wuhan Institute of Heavy Rain was approved in Beijing in January 4.

The project mainly studies forecasting approach of typhoon (depression) mobile track, typhoon and rainstorm physical quantity forecasting indicators, typhoon (depression) quantitative forecasting approaches, and objective forecasting system of typhoon and rainstorm in central-western Huanghuai Region.

The project team has divided typhoons and rainstorms in central-western Huanghuai Region into typhoon (depression), typhoon inverse trough, and long-distance typhoon. It has conducted synoptic analysis of each category of typhoons and rainstorms, derived common features, and summed up synoptic conceptual models of all categories of typhoons and rainstorms.

At present, the research results have been applied in operational training in Henan Meteorological Center, consultation of weather forecast and provided the technical guidance for decision-making and services of the provincial government. (Jan. 29)

Reporter: Wan Xia

Editor: Liu Shuqiao