X-band grid weather radar application system of Beijing passes result certification

28-06-2020Source:China Meteorological News Press

On June 11, X-band grid weather radar application system of Beijing (BJ-Xnet) passed result certification. BJ-Xnet can give play to the advantages and efficiency of X-band radar monitoring network in short nowcasting weather prediction and early warning, effectively fill in the detection blind spot of the current S-wave radar in Beijing, obtain the three-dimensional monitoring data product of the entire territory of Beijing, to provide support for events meteorological service, severe convection prediction and early warning, and now-casting numerical weather prediction data assimilation.

The expert panel responsible for the certification has reached the consensus that BJ-Xnet has formed the whole procedure system of “hardware monitoring, data quality control, product networking, and interactive display”. The overall technology has reached leading level in China, and effectively elevated the monitoring and prediction capacity of small scale severe weather.

Author: Liu Shuqiao