China launches scientific expedition at Yangtze River's headwaters


XINING, Aug. 11 (Xinhua) -- China launched a scientific expedition in the headwater region of the Yangtze River, China's longest river, on Tuesday, according to the Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute (CRSRI) of the Changjiang Water Resources Commission.

The comprehensive scientific expedition, led by the commission, aims to investigate the ecological and environmental problems in the region, including glacial recession, freeze-thawing erosion and lake expansion, according to the CRSRI.

Based on the results of monitoring conducted during previous expeditions, scientists will analyze changes in water quality in the river's headwater region, as well as changes in glaciers, snow and lakes, said Tan Debao, leader of the expedition team and deputy chief engineer of the CRSRI.

Since 2012, the CRSRI has carried out nine comprehensive scientific expeditions to the river's headwaters over eight consecutive years, providing considerable first-hand data for research projects such as the protection of the Yangtze River and the construction of Sanjiangyuan National Park. Enditem

Editor: Liu Shuqiao