Extended period objective grid prediction operation formulated in Liaoning

09-10-2020Source:China Meteorological News Press

Recently, the project of extended period objective grid prediction operation formulated in Liaoning has been approved. Through this project, the capacity of prediction operation in the extended period has been augmented. The following 11-30 days prediction accuracy rate of factors like temperature and precipitation and severe weather process is elevated, which is conducive to the operation of short-range climate projection services.

The project focuses on the application of supporting technologies, grid point prediction technology and site and grid point integrated processing technical R&D, and others. It has completed the integrated prediction operational system.

This project can provide some skillful objective prediction products for real-time climate operation. They have been applied in some featured operation, which has provided technical support for agricultural production and meteorological disaster preparedness. (Oct. 9)

Author: Zhang Guangmei, Wang Xiaotao

Editor: Liu Shuqiao