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China's scientific research ship Tansuo-2 returns after ocean expedition


HAIKOU, Dec. 21 (Xinhua) -- China's scientific research ship Tansuo-2 returned to port in the city of Sanya, south China's Hainan Province on Monday, after completing its ocean expedition.

The vessel carrying the 4,500-meter deep-sea manned submersible Shenhai Yongshi (Deep Sea Warrior) berthed and anchored Monday evening, according to the Institute of Deep-sea Science and Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

As the second mother ship of China's new deep-sea manned submersible Fendouzhe (Striver), Tansuo-2 conducted several joint deep dives with Tansuo-1, another mother ship, in the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench, the world's deepest natural trench in the western Pacific.

Fendouzhe onboard Tansuo-1 set a national record by diving to a depth of 10,909 meters in the Mariana Trench on Nov. 10.

Source: Xinhua

Editor: Liu Shuqiao