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Beijing Meteorological Forecasting Team

Source:China Meteorological News28-01-2022

Sciences of Meteorology with Artificial-intelligence in Research and Technology for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics-Forecast Demonstration Project (SMART2022-FDP).

For the upcoming Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games (hereafter referred to as Beijing 2022), meteorological factors such as wind, temperature, and humidity directly exert crucial impacts on the competition and athlete performance. To provide support for the smooth operation of this event, tons of preparatory work has been done by meteorological services.

Beijing Municipal Meteorological Service set up Meteorological Center for Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games (hereafter referred to as the Center), including several professional service teams like the scientific research team, the weather service control center, and the information network team.

The Center focuses on the research of key technologies for predicting meteorological conditions of Beijing 2022, and carries out technical research on integrated observation of complex terrains in mountainous areas, 0-240-hour high-resolution numerical weather prediction (NWP), objective forecasting of meteorological factors and risk early warning of competition sites, smart and special meteorological services, short-term climate prediction and meteorological risk assessment.

After persistent efforts for almost four years, this team has developed a high-precision NWP model, a rapid integrated ensemble model of multi-source weather data, a numerical modeling of atmospheric eddy, an error correction model based on artificial intelligence.

In addition, the task force has built a 100-meter forecasting technology system and a high-precision weather forecasting system, namely, Rui Tu-Rui Si, and realized 100-meter gridded forecast for mountain venues and 0-10-day regular, fixed and quantitative weather forecasting for key locations of Beijing 2022, with some technologies filling the gaps in China and completely independent core technologies.

Accurate weather services have paved the way for successful Winter Olympic Games. This Center has ramped up 0-24 hour forecasting accuracy of near-ground meteorological factors of mountain venues and met the specific demands of the Games in terms of meteorological services.

Editor: Wu Peng