Early Warning Dissemination

30-07-2014Source:China Meteorological News Press

In 2011, the State Council issued a document which demanded to improve the work of meteorological disaster monitoring, warning and information release. The target was to strengthen this work by the Chinese Government, relevant departments and the whole society. This year marks the 3rd anniversary of this document.


The linkage mechanism of meteorological disaster warning information release:


In the provincial level, 31 provinces have established SMS release mechanism, 24 built warning signal radios and 25 built immediate insertion system in TV. Meanwhile, 29 ministries and commissions have established relevant inter-ministerial liaison meeting system.


The methods of meteorological disaster warning information release:



The release channels have been continuously expanded and new media have been developed including Internet, phone, public emergency warning platform, TV, weather service station, newspaper, LED screen, Micro-blog and Wechat, APP and etc.


The capacity of meteorological disaster warning information release:


Traditional media: 150 provincial TV channels and 138 radios can release warning information. 8 marine meteorological radios also offer relevant services.


New media: the number of SMS customized users is 116,426,000. The number of meteorological governmental micro-blogs and we-chats is over 1100.


The state emergency warning release system: 


The website: www.12379.cn


From January 11, 2014, the warning information release system with state, province and prefecture-level has been put into operation.


The meteorological disaster warning information release has gained many achievements for the socio-economic development. In the future, 5 aspects of work are expected to be improved: introducing the management approach of state emergency warning information release; promoting the releasing capacity of urban, island and other remote areas; improving the 2nd part of state emergency warning information release system; strengthening the integration of this system and public broadcasting channels; establishing the management system of operation of meteorological disaster warning information release.


Weather information messenger and “Green Channel”:


Basic communities and rural area is mostly vulnerable to meteorological disasters. CMA has built a team of over 550 thousand meteorological messengers in the urban communities, streets, enterprises, schools, stations, harbors, docks, hospitals and major units, and villages.

The main responsibilities of the weather messenger are to receive and broadcast the meteorological disaster warning information, publicize meteorological disaster science, participate in formulating the local meteorological disaster investigation and assessment. In addition, in Anhui, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Guizhou and Gansu, some weather messengers should also support broadcasting agricultural meteorological knowledge and collect related information. In Shandong, the qualified weather messengers also support the local meteorological law enforcement and inspection. 


Presently the team foundation for meteorological disaster prevention in the grass root is developing rapidly. All levels of meteorological departments continuously innovate and inspire new ideas which have gained remarkable results in administrative mechanism, training, incentive mechanism and integrated information service in rural area.


Weather Messenger Shi Shuoju (left 3) was checking disaster condition in vegetable base.


In recent years, many local places continuously improve the warning information release mechanism and strengthen construction of the “Green Channel” of warning information release and spread.


For example, Shanghai has developed the multi-hazard early warning system and established the emergency warning information release center for releasing natural disaster, accident and public health emergency warning information. Chongqing has established the natural disaster monitoring network and warning information release network with cooperation of different departments, built the emergency warning information release and command platform and delivered the monitoring and warning information to defined regions and groups rapidly. Zhejiang has built marine radio stations in Zhoushan, Ningbo, Taizhou and Wenzhou and some cities have had warning information release platform and system. In Longnan of Gansu, the meteorological department and other relevant departments jointly have jointly developed the natural disaster monitoring and warning command system with intelligent information collection and warning push function.



Editor Kong Yan