Weather Modification


The meteorological administration has stuck to the scientific development path and carved out a unique path of weather modification so as to contribute to realization of the several-thousand -year long dream of good weather for the crops.

China Meteorological Administration (CMA) has taken weather modification as an effective way for disasters prevention and reduction, event service, development of the agricultural public service system and water resource security guarantee. It has accelerated innovation of key technologies, enforced infrastructure and equipment development, improved mechanisms and systems, management quality and service benefits so as to offer a solid guarantee for the economic and social development and the public welfare.


A rainfall enhancement aircraft (left); hail suppression by an artillery (right)


CMA has set up the Weather Modification Center, formed an organizational management system consisting of leaders of governments of all levels and meteorological administration of all levels, and carried out weather modification services in 30 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), Xinjiang Construction & Production Corps. And Heilongjiang Land Reclamation Corp. The services include airplane artificial precipitation (rain or snow), hail prevention and fog dispersal. The weather modification center offers effective services for development and utilization of water resources in the air, improvement of the ecological environment, alleviation of drought, reduction of losses caused by hail, improvement of visibility of airports and highways, fire prevention and fighting in forest and grassland and important social events.


A total of 46,000 professionals in China are engaged in the weather modification services, with more than 6,600 special aeroguns and more than 7,200 rocket launchers, and employing more than 40 aircrafts every year. A total of 2,266 county-level units have carried out the weather modification services, and can offer the artificial precipitation service for an area of more than 4.6 million square kilometers and protect an area of more than 500,000 square kilometers from hails.