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3-day forecast

11-01-2019Source:National Meteorological Center

From January 11 to 12, central North China, central-western Yellow-Huaihe basin, Fen-Wei Plain, will see light to moderate haze. Heavy haze will hit some parts. From night of January 14, the haze will be weakened or disappeared gradually because of cold air and gale.

On morning of January 11, there will be heavy fog in Guanzhong of Shaanxi, southern Henan, northern Hunan, southern Shandong, northern Anhui, western Jiangsu, southern Sichuan Basin, southern Yunnan, northern Fujian and northern Hainan. The visibility of some parts in Guanzhong area of Shaanxi, southern Henan, northern Anhui, southern Yunnan and northern Fujian will be less than 500 meters. Some areas will see severe heavy fog with visibility less than 200 meters. In addition, heavy fog with visibility less than 1 kilometer will shroud Qiongzhou Strait and eastern Beibu Gulf.The National Meteorological Center continues to issue yellow warning of heavy fog at 6:00 a.m. on January 11.

From January 11 to 13, light rain or shower will fall in eastern Southwest China, the Yangtze-Hanshui basin, South of the Yangtze River and South China. Light snow will hit western Xinjiang and southern South Xinjiang, southern Qinghai, western and southeastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau will see light snow. Heavy snow will affect some parts of southwestern South Xinjiang and southwestern Tibet. (Jan.11)

Editor Hao Jing