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17-07-2017Source:National Meteorological Center

Today, in some certain locations of eastern and southern Guangdong coast, southwestern and southern Guangxi coast, southeastern Fujian, eastern Hainan Island, southern Shandong, eastern Henan, southern Shaanxi, western Sichuan Basin, and southern Yunnan, heavy rain or rainstorm is forecasted. It is worth noting that southern Guangdong coast will be hit by heavy rainstorm (100~120 mm). The above areas will experience short-term heavy precipitation and thunderstorm gale, and the hourly rainfall at its full strength is expected to hit 30~50 mm or even more than 60 mm.

In addition, in most of Inner Mongolia, western Jilin, northern Liaoning, central and western Gansu, Guanzhong region of Shaanxi, Yangtze-Han River, Yangtze-Huai River, the South of Yangtze River, Chongqing, and southern Xinjiang Basin, the temperature is expected to hit more than 35℃. Furthermore, in portions of western and eastern Inner Mongolia, western Gansu, most of Zhejiang, southern Jiangsu, Shanghai, central Jiangxi, central Fujian, southeastern Hubei, central and eastern Hunan, southern Chongqing, and southern Xinjiang, the maximum temperature can point to 37~39℃ or more than 40℃. (July 17)

Editor Wu Peng