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11-08-2017Source:National Meteorological Center

In the following 24 hours, Heavy rain will batter central-eastern Inner Mongolia, central Northeast China, Yili Valley of Xinjiang, northern Guangxi, Guizhou, northern Hubei, northwestern Jiangxi, southern Anhui, and northern North China, with some regions exposed to rainstorm or heavy rainstorm (100-150 mm).

In these regions, there will be severe convective weather short-range like heavy rainfall, thunderstorm, or gale. The public should keep tabs on weather forecasts and be cautious of adverse impact incurred by heavy precipitation.

On the daytime to the night of August 11, weather in Jiuzhaigou quake-stricken region will be light rain, with some regions exposed to moderate to heavy rain. On August 12, there will be sparse shower to cloudy weather. On August 13, the weather will turn sunny.

From the night of August 11 to the night of August 12, weather in Jinghe County, Xinjiang will be cloudy to light rain. In southern mountainous regions, there will be heavy rain and scale-5 northwest ward wind. On August 13, there will be sparse rain. (Aug. 11)

Editor: Liu Shuqiao