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09-08-2019Source:National Meteorological Center

This year’s 9th Typhoon Lekima is forecast to move northwest direction at the speed of 15-20 km/h and moves towards coastal regions of Zhejiang and make landfall in coastal regions from Xiangshan to Cangnan of Zhejiang from the dawn to the daytime of August 10.

From August 9 to 10, Bashi Channel, Taiwan Strait, coastal sea areas of Taiwan, East China Sea, Hangzhou Bay, Yangtze River Estuary, coastal regions of Zhejiang, Shanghai and southern Jiangsu, northern Taiwan Island, southern Huanghuai Sea, central-northern Fujian will be exposed to scale 7-9 gale.

The National Meteorological Center continued to release red warning of typhoon and released orange warning of rainstorm. (Aug. 9)


Editor: Liu Shuqiao