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13-02-2020Source:National Meteorological Center

In the following four days, a cold wave will come strong and affect central-eastern China from north to south, bring along large scale rainy and snowy weather, gale and abrupt temperature drop.

This morning, the National Meteorological Center released warnings of heavy fog, cold wave, snowstorm and severe convective weather at the smae time. Heavy fog continues to ferment in Beijing-Tianjing-Hebei Region, Liaoning, Henan, Jiangsu, and Anhui.

Affected by the cold air, from the night of February 13 to 16, central-eastern China will experience temperature slump of 8-10. the temperature slide will reach 12-14 in eastern Jilin, western Inner Mongolia, eastern Northwest China, southern North China, eastern Jianghan Region, western Jianghuai Region, and northern South China.

Heavy snow will pelt central Inner Mongolia, northern Hebei, and western mountainous regions of Beijing. On February 14, southeastern Inner Mongolia, eastern Beijing, eastern Hebei, and southern Liaoning will be exposed to heavy rain to snowstorm.

And in the following three days, moderate to heavy rain will batter eastern Southwest China, central-southern Jianghan Region, Jianghuai Region, and South China. (Feb. 13)

Editor: Liu Shuqiao