The 40th China study tour and WIS training seminar opened in Beijing

11-04-2011 Source:China Meteorological News Press


The 40th China study tour and WIS training seminar has been opened in Beijing today.

Dr Zheng Guoguang, Administrator of China Meteorological Administration (CMA), Mr. Shen Xiaonong, Deputy Administrator of CMA, Mr. Shi Peiliang, Director, WIS Branch, OBS Department, WMO Secretariat, Mr. Momadou M. SAHO, Chief, Training Activities Division, Education and Training Office, WMO Secretariat, Mr.Fredrick Robert Branski, President of WMO CBS, IT Manager/Meteorologist, NOAA National Weather Service were presented at the opening ceremony. Representatives from 16 Asian developing countries attended the ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, Zheng Guoguang says that China is the firm supporter for volunteer cooperative program of WMO, which aims to strengthen capability building of meteorological sector in developing countries and the least developed countries. China and WMO has jointly held 40 times of study tour since 1978 inviting senior officials from developing countries and least developed countries to come and study in China. Since 1994, the regional training center in Nanjing has trained more than 1400 experts and officials from over 100 countries since 1994.

At the opening ceremony, CMA donates CMACast reception station and Meteorological Information Comprehensive Analysis and Process System (MICAPS) 3.1 version to the representatives of 16 Asian countries. The CMACast reception station and MICAPS can help these countries to receive satellite image in an earlier manner and make better weather forecast efficiently. 

To answer the questions from media, Zheng Guoguang says that China is responsible for helping developing countries to mitigate meteorological disasters against the backdrop of global climate change. (Apr. 11)
Reporter Zhang Yong and Liu Xiaolin



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