Severe typhoon Haikui has landed in Xiangshan County of Zhejiang

08-08-2012 Source:Central Meteorological Office

Satellite cloud image of FY-II at this 4:30 a.m.


In this 3:20 a.m., the eye of the severe typhoon "Haikui" landed in the coast of Hepu Town of Xiangshan County, Zhejiang Province with the maximum wind force of scale 14 (42m/s) and minimum air pressure of 965hPa. Then at 4:00 a.m., Haikui has weakened to be typhoon. And at 5:00 a.m., the eye of Haikui located in Sanmen Bay of Xiangshan County (29.1N, 121.7E) with the maximum wind force of scale 13 (40m/s) and minimum air pressure of 968hPa. The Central Meteorological Office  of CMA issued red warning for typhoon and yellow warnign for rainstorm at this 6:00 a.m.


Track forecast of typhoon Haikui in the next 48 hours from this 5 a.m..

It's forecasted that Haikui will move to northwest at the speed of 15 km per hour, go through northern Zhenjiang and enter into southeastern Anhui Province in this night with decaying intensity.

Gale forecast in the next 24 hours from this 8 a.m.. Blue regions indicates wind force of scale 7-8, navy blue for 9-10 and yellow for wind scale over 11.

Influenced by Haikui and southwest monsoon, there will be scale 9-11 even 12-13 wind force in central-northern coast of Zhejiang, Hangzhou Bay, Mouth of the Yangtze River. Meanwhile, the wind force of East China Sea, Shanghai, southeastern coast of Jiangsu, southern coast of Zhejiang, northeastern Fujian, northern Taiwan Strait and northern Taiwan will be scale 7-9.


Moreover, most parts of Zhejiang, Shanghai, central-southern Jiangsu, central-southern Anhui, northeastern Jiangxi will get heavy rain to rainstorm. Severe rainstorm or extreme rainstorm will hit central-northern Zhejiang, southwestern Shanghai, southeastern Anhui and southern Jiangsu with 250-400mm precipitation. (August 8)


Rainfall forecast  in the next 24 hours from this 8 a.m.. Blue means heavy rain with rainfall of 25.0-49.9mm, navy blue for rainstorm with rainfall 50.0-99.9mm and purple for severe rainstorm with rainfall of 100.0-250.0mm.

Editor: Hao Jing


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