Typhoon track forecast error reduced to within 100 km

17-01-2013 Source:China Meteorological News Press

On January 15, it is reported that the error of 24-hour typhoon track forecast of CMA reduced to less than 100 km in 2012. Typhoon and Ocean Forecast Center of CMA will continue to share the marine meteorological information and improve the refined forecast services.

Last year, the accuracy of typhoon track forecast by Center Meteorological Office was steadily improved. The 24-hour typhoon track forecast error was only 94 km, 18% less than the 2007-2011 five-year average level. As of December 31, 2012, in addition to the impact of tropical cyclones, China's coastal waters witnessed gale with scale 8 or above for 127 days, with nearly 70% forecast accuracy.

In addition, new products and analysis has been provided by the Typhoon and Ocean Forecast Center of CMA in 2012, including analysis on the influence radius of the typhoon gale, the wind scale forecast before the typhoon landed on coastline, the 24-hour, 6-hour and 10 km wind and precipitation forecast before typhoon landed, and marine medium-term forecast. (Jan. 17)

Reporter Gao Lin

Editor Shi Long

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