China witnessed dry and warm January in 2014

01-02-2014 Source:China Meteorological News Press

The average precipitation of China from January 1 to 27 is 4.8mm, the least of same period since 1987, while the average temperature of China from January 1 to 27 is minus 3.9 degrees Celsius, the second high since 1961, said the spokesman China Meteorological Administration (CMA) at the monthly press conference held on January 27.

According to the observations, from January 1 to 27, most parts of China saw less precipitation by 50-80 percent than normal years except Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Liaoning, and Sichuan, which was wetter. Northwest China, North China, northern Yellow-Huaihe River, central-southern Tibet, and South China witnessed less precipitation over 80 percent than normal years. Due to continuous dry conditions, moderate meteorological drought has developed in western and eastern Henan, southern Hebei, southern Shanxi, and Guangzhong of Shaanxi.

On temperature, warmer conditions by 2-4 degrees Celsius than normal yeas with isolated 4-6 degrees higher was seen in central and southeastern Inner Mongolia, southern Jilin, Liaoning, North China, Yellow-Huaihe River basin, Yangtze-Hanshui River basin, Yangtze-Huaihe River basin, Hunan, and central and eastern Tibet. (Feb. 1)
Editor Zhang Yong

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