Super typhoon "Rammasun" has landed in Hainan

18-07-2014 Source:SRC-845

This year’s No.9 typhoon “Rammasun” (super typhoon) has landed in the coastal area of Wenchang, Hainan Province at 15:30. The maximum wind force around its center was force 17 (60m/s) and the minimum pressure was 910hPa.


When landing, its category has reached the super typhoon level, which has been the most violent typhoon landing in South China since 1973.


According to the monitoring, influenced by “Rammasun” from 12:00 of July 17 to 14:00 of July 18, the precipitation of the coastal areas of central and eastern Guangdong and Hainan was 50 to 100mm, Jieyang of Guangdong, Lingshui, Wuzhishan and Sansha of Hainan, 150 to 203mm. At 14:00 of July 18, the coastal area of central and western Guangdong and eastern Hainan will suffer force 10 to 14 gale, some places even force 15 to 17 gale.


National Meteorological Center reminds relevant departments of these places to take measures of responding to “Rammasun”.


Editor Kong Yan

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