Graphical Editor and Forecast Making

17-05-2012 Source:China Meteorological News Press

Graphical  Editing


Activated layer and editing mode to easily draw meteorological objects for analysis


The graphical editor allows the user to create weather maps. Standard functions include drawing-in or alteration of fronts, weather symbols, jet streams, rain areas etc.
MICAPS3 has a meso-scale weather analysis toolbox.


Meso-scale weather analysis

Forecast Making
· Short and medium-range weather forecast making
· Fine station weather forecast making
· Warning Message Making
· Text production auto-generation

Text-based forecast production auto generation from isolines

Grid Edit


MICAPS allows the user modify the grid field by many ways, such as change grid field by modifying isolines on map and then retrieve the grid directly by MICAPS.


Isoline gridding.


MICAPS developed the technique could derive grid value from isolines drawn by forecaster.


Isolines could be drawn on the map based on the forecaster’s experience, and then the value of grids inside the isolines could be derived.

Editor Kong Yan

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