10-day forecast

14-08-2013 Source:SRC-845

In the coming 10 days, the main rainfall region will be in Northeast China, North China, South China, southern and western Yunnan. The precipitation in the above-mentioned areas will be 30-70mm. In Northeast China and South China, the precipitation will be 100-180mm. In part areas of South China, the precipitation will be over 400mm. From August 13 to 17, influenced by severe typhoon Utor, western and southern Guangdong, central-southern Guangxi, eastern and northern Hainan will see rainstorm or heavy rainstorm. Before August 14, heat wave will sustain in Yangtze-Huaihe Valley, South of Yangtze River, Chongqing and estern Guizhou. Meteorological drought will last or develop. After August 15, heat wave will relief in southern China. Guizhou and Hunan will see precipitation.


Editor Kong Yan

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