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China Framework for Climate Service

Source:China Meteorological News Press17-03-2015

China Framework for Climate Service (CFCS) is user-oriented service platform acting on the demands of government and customers. It provides climate services based on observations and research findings. It works to benefit all walks of life under the rationales of coordinated development, opening, cooperation, and joint participation.

The implementation of CFCS consists of the following five major components (Figure 1):

Observation and Monitoring: to monitor on all the elements of climate system, including basic variables, extreme events, major atmospheric circulation processes etc.

Modeling and Prediction: to develop numerical models, perfecting models' physical processes, improving models' horizontal resolution to 45km, enhancing climate prediction capabilities significantly, establishing the comprehensive model that assesses the impact of meteorological disasters, and developing the products lines for multi-timescales.

Climate Service Information System: to build up a stable system with rich products and quick calculation.

User Interface Platform: to establish an interactive communication mechanism to facilitate information exchange and communications between users and climate service providers to meet the requirements of users.

Capacity development: to support the enhancement of existing capabilities in the former four components to provide climate services more effectively by establishing the mechanism and workflow in the areas such as improving the data sharing and collaborative products releasing, deepening the cooperation and exchange between different sectors, strengthening cooperative R&D activities and joint training, and optimizing the operational service system and distribution.



In 2013, the implementation plan for CFCS will be approved;

During the period of 2014-2015, the pilot projects in six priority areas will be launched, including agriculture and food security, disaster risk reduction, water resources, energy, urban, and health;

During the period of 2016-2020, CFCS will cover all climate-sensitive sectors or areas, based on the proven practice and experience gathered from the pilot projects.


Figure 1 China Framework for Climate Service