Strides made in China's NWP Development

Source: China Meteorological News Press Date: 2020/05/15

On April 28, 2010, Numerical Weather Prediction Center of China Meteorological Administration (CMA) was established. During a ten-year period, a suite of national numerical weather prediction systems, based on independent technology, has been developed and put into operation.

Development of GRAPES system

In 2000, under the support of the Scientific and Technological Support Project of Ministry of science and technology of China, CMA started to develop next generation Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) system——Global-Regional Assimilation and Prediction System (GRAPES).

With the establishment of Numerical Weather Prediction Center (NWPC) in 2010, the operation-oriented R&D was enhanced. Several core techniques were developed including physical processes optimization, 4D-var data assimilation, multi-platform and multi-sensor satellite data assimilation, high performance computing etc.

Milestones in China’s NWP development

In 2010, establishment of NWPC, further development work of GRAPES global model and assimilation was in full swing.

In 2013, NWP innovation team was approved in the Innovative Teams of Key Fields of National Innovation Talent Promotion Plan by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

In 2014, upgrade of GRAPES_Meso, GRAPES_TYM and GRAPES_REPS. High resolution data assimilation and NWP model were designated as three main tasks of national meteorological scientific innovation work.


In 2015, establishment of International Scientific Steering Committee of NWPC, and held the first meeting.

GRAPES_MESO with 3-kilometer resolution applied in the tornado affecting Funing County, Jiangsu in 2016. The echo characteristic analysis of radar was basically the same as the observation, but about half an hour later than the actual weather.

In 2016, GRAPES global forecast system was put into full operation. Product dissemination and guidance to all weather offices in China. This marked that NWP core technology of China has realized independent development of global forecasting to regional high resolution forecasting.

In 2018, GRAPES 4D-var and GRAPES_GEPS were put into operation. NWPC has become one of national forecasting centers in the world which have independently developed and operationally applied 4D-var system.

In 2019, GRAPES regional model with 3-kilometer resolution began to provide products in support of severe weather forecast. Application of geostationary satellite FY-4 Hyperspectral infrared radiance in GRAPES system.

9-kilometer resolution GRAPES typhoon prediction system realized operation. It was successfully applied to tackle super typhoon Lekima as its debut.

Case:GRAPES_TYM gave a good forecast to 1713 Typhoon”HATO “ that had brought Macao huge damages (22-23,August,2017)

Editor: Liu Shuqiao, Hao Jing

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