Highlights of weather and climate features in autumn, 2022

Source: China Meteorological New Press Date: 2022/12/08

Recently, National Climate Centre has rolled out weather and climate features in autumn, 2022. The highlights are as follows.

The national average temperature registered the highest on record

In the autumn of 2022 (September to November), the national average temperature was 11.2 ° C, 0.9 ° C higher than that in the same period of normal years, which ranked first in the same period since 1961. Except for the southwestern part of Tibet where the local temperature was 0.5℃ ~ 1℃ lower, the temperature in most other parts of China was close to or higher than that in the same period of normal years.

During this season, the daily maximum temperature of 321 national meteorological observatories, including Tokesun in Xinjiang (42.6℃ on September 9) and Qingyang in Anhui (40.9℃ on October 3), exceeded or equaled the historical maximum temperature in autumn. In Jingmen, Hubei (17.8℃ on October 4) and other 46 observatories, the scale of daily temperature drop broke the historical extreme threshold, which mainly occurred on October 4 and November 29 to 30.

Distribution of National Mean Temperature Anomalies in Autumn, 2022 (unit: ℃)

Overall precipitation is less and the spatial distribution is uneven

In autumn, the national average precipitation recorded 110.6 mm, 8.7% less than the same period of normal years (121.1 mm), which registered the least since 2010. The spatial distribution of precipitation is uneven as well.

During the season, 27 national meteorological observatories in China witnessed daily precipitation exceeding the autumn maximum, among which Malipo (344.7 mm on October 27) and Luxi (181.6 mm on September 16) in Yunnan experienced daily precipitation surpassing the historical record.

The autumn rainy season in West China is longer and the rainfall is generally less

The autumn rainy season in West China is longer and the number of precipitation days is less. The autumn rainy season in West China began on August 25, 8 days earlier than that in normal years (September 2). It ended on October 31, 3 days earlier than the usual (November 3). The length of the autumn rain period is 67 days, 5 days longer than the usual (62 days). The average precipitation (from August 25 to October 30) was 173.9 mm, 12.4% less than that in the usual season (198.5 mm).

Major weather and climate events in autumn of 2022

Three regional high temperature weather processes occurred in southern China

In autumn, there were three regional high temperature processes in southern China, among which the comprehensive intensity of the high temperature processes from September 5 to 13 and from September 27 to October 4 reached extremely strong intensity. The daily maximum temperature registered or exceeded 37℃ in 229 and 485 national meteorological observatories within the affected areas. Temperature record of 40.3℃ and 40.9℃ occurred respectively in Yanhe, Guizhou and Qingyang, Anhui.

The regional rainstorm process is slightly less than the usual

In autumn, there were 6 regional heavy rain processes in China, which was slightly less than that of normal years (7.1 times), and the comprehensive intensity of the two processes was comparatively higher from September 15 to 16 and from October 1 to 6.

The number of cold air processes is more, and the intensity of cold wave is strong at the end of autumn.

In this autumn, 13 cold air processes altogether affected China, 3 times more than that in the same period in normal years.

Editor: Liu Shuqiao

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