Highlights of Global Disastrous Weather Report in November 2022

Source: China Meteorological New Press Date: 2023/01/03

Recently, World Meteorological Centre Beijing released global disastrous weather report in November 2022. Here are the highlights.

In November 2022, there was a cold air in Central Asia, East Asia, North America and other places in the Northern Hemisphere. The minimum temperature in many places was lower than normal years. Some areas experienced heavy rain and snow. The accumulative precipitation was 1~2 times more than the same period of normal years in western and southern Europe, southern India, Southeast Asia, eastern North America, northern and eastern Australia, southern Africa and other places. A total of 6 tropical cyclones generated, and the number was less than the same period of normal years. But the intensity was high and those tropical cyclones have caused serious disasters.

Overview of global weather in November

Fig.1 Monthly 2m temperature anomaly in November 2022(unit:℃)

Fig.2 Monthly total accumulated precipitation percentage anomaly in November 2022(unit:%)

In November 2022, severe weather events around the world mainly included heavy precipitation, cold air, heavy snow, and heat wave. Saudi Arabia, South Africa and the western United States experienced continuous heavy rainfall, causing floods, landslides and other secondary disasters in some areas. The minimum temperature was lower than that in the same period of normal years in Central Asia. East Asia and North America were subjected heavy rain and snow. Tropical Storm “Nicole” has brought high winds and heavy rain to Florida of the United States. In addition, a prolonged heat wave walloped Northern Australia. In November, 6 tropical cyclones occured, and the number of them was less than normal, namely "Nalgae", "Banyan", "Yamaneko" in the Northwest Pacific Ocean, and "Lisa", "Martin", "Nicole" in the North Atlantic.

Severe weather

Snowfall occurred in the northeastern part of the United States on November 16. It is reported that heavy snowstorm weather battered New York State from November 17 to 21, with the accumulative precipitation of more than 30 mm.

From November 25 to 30, under the influence of the cold air, southern Siberia, Central Asia and East Asia experienced strong winds and cooling weather, with the temperature dropping 10-16℃ in most areas. Meanwhile, data collected from 51 meteorological stations in Mongolia broke the record of the lowest temperature for the same period in the recent 47 years.

Tropical Storm “Nicole”brought continuous rain to southeastern United States, and caused secondary disasters such as flooding and tornadoes.

Editor: Liu Shuqiao

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