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CMA actively participates in activities and programs of WMO, IPCC, WCRP, GCOS, UNFCCC, GEO, CGMS, CEOS, Typhoon Committee, World Bank, etc., and has cooperative agreements with ECMWF, EUMETSAT, ICIMOD and GCC. CMA has established a bilateral cooperative mechanism in meteorology with 22 countries including United States, Canada, Finland, Australia, Japan, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, Republic of Korea, Germany, France, DPRK, Mongolia and Viet Nam.

Through WMO Voluntary Cooperation Programme (VCP), CMA conducts a range of activities, including study tours, instrument and equipment donation, education and training, as well as contribution to VCP Fund. Additionally, CMA has also contributed to IPCC Fund, GFCS Fund, THORPEX Fund and WIS Fund, as well as to other WMO Programmes and emergency assistance activities.