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Multilateral Cooperation


China is a signatory to the WMO Convention and also a founding member of the organization. Permanent Representative of China with WMO (Administrator of CMA) has been a member of the WMO Executive Council since 1973, playing an important role in the international meteorological community. China fully participates in the activities of the WMO and other relevant organizations, and actively carries out technological cooperation in metrological science and technology with various countries.


China introduces advanced technologies and talent from abroad, and sends professional and management staff for training overseas. International cooperation in meteorological science and technology which serves meteorological development has become an integral component of the overall development of Chinese meteorology, having made an important contribution to its rapid development and to its human resource development.


Along with the increasing development of meteorological service in China, the CMA has increased its participation in international meteorological cooperation in terms of depth and scope, with its voice being heard. Like his predecessors, the Administrator of the CMA serves as a member of the WMO Executive council.


Mr. ZOU Jingmeng, the former Administrator of the CMA, was elected president of WMO for two consecutive terms from 1987. Prof. YAN Hong, the former Deputy Administrator of the CMA, served as Deputy Secretary-General of WMO in 2004-2010. Since 2002, Academician QIN Dahe, the former Administrator of the CMA, has been the Co-Chair of Working Group I of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).


Dr.ZHENG Guoguang, Administrator of the CMA served as the Co-chair of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) for two terms in 2005-2010. In 2010, together with the WMO, GEO and EUMETSAT, the CMA participated in the World Expo Shanghai, and the MeteoWorld Pavilion was conferred with the “World Exposition Awards Committee Special Prize” by the International Exhibitions Bureau.(2014-09-19)


A donation ceremony of FENGYUNCAST (CMACAST)