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Bilateral Cooperation


At present, the CMA has established a stable bilateral cooperative mechanism in meteorological science and technology with 23 countries including the United States, Canada, Finland, Australia, Japan, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Germany, France, the DPRK, Mongolia and Vietnam. This has been in various forms, such as protocol, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), framework agreement, cooperative declaration and summary reporting. Both sides hold joint working group meetings biennially to discuss cooperative activities for the next two years.


In 2006-2010, the CMA agreed with its counterparts 410 cooperative activities at JWG meetings, covering NWP, early warning systems and their applications, nowcasting and meteorological satellite data application, tropical meteorology, GAW, climate and climate change, agrometeorology, Olympic-oriented weather services, and education and training.


Through bilateral cooperative activities in the field of meteorological science and technology, both sides have enhanced the operational and technical exchanges, and the CMA has learned the advanced meteorological science & technologies, and facilitated the development of Chinese meteorological services and its operational modernization. This has provided effective services in support of major social events including the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 60th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China.


Since 1978, CMA has donated meteorological instruments and equipments such as integrated CMACast and MICAPS System to more than 70 countries.(2014-09-19)