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The Nineteenth Session of the Forum on Regional Climate Monitoring, Assessment and Prediction for Asia opened

Source:China Meteorological New Press12-05-2023

The Nineteenth Session of the Forum on Regional Climate Monitoring, Assessment and Prediction for Asia (FOCRAII-19) was opened on May 9 online and offline. 88 Representatives from 12 countries and regions like China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Britain, Kazakhstan, India, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Macao, China, and institutions like World Meteorological Organization (WMO), United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), and Asian Development Bank attended this event.

Group photo of the representative of FOCRAII-19 Contributed by Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Regional Meteorological Service

This event lasted 3 days and was hosted by China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and WMO, sponsored by Beijing Climate Centre (BCC) and co-organized by Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Regional Meteorological Service.

This forum had 6 sessions. Session 1 included reports oriented towards Technology and Management of Disaster Risk and Climate Services, and conducted discussions over this topic and the demand for early warnings. Session 2 was invited lectures,inviting WMO officials and domestic climate experts to deliver reports over topics like a pre-review of the Congress decisions on climate and climate services and Interdecadal Differences in the Intraseasonal Variabilities of East Asian Jet Streams. Session 3 carried out discussions over the topic of Climate Observation, Data and Monitoring and made an introduction of Climate Services of the WMO Third Pole Regional Climate Center-Network. Session 4 focused on Overview of Recent Climate and Climate Change, and introduced Regional Climate Change Projection and Application over China by BCC. Session 5 discussed over Sub-Seasonal and Seasonal Climate Prediction of the Summer 2023 over East Asia Area. During Session 6, a summary of predictions on Asian summer 2023 climate was produced together by BCC/CMA, JMA, KMA and other NMHSs from Asia.

It is reported that the event has been held for 19 consecutive years, and has played an active role in climate operation, service and scientific research in Asian regions. It was acclaimed by WMO and has been recommended to other regional associations of WMO as a template.

Editor: Liu Shuqiao