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CMA and EMI signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the field of meteorological science and technology

Source:China Meteorological New Press02-06-2023

On the morning of May 31 the local time, MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN CHINA METEOROLOGICAL ADMINISTRATION AND ETHIOPEAN METEOROLOGICAL INSTITUTE IN THE FIELD OF METEOROLOGICAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY was signed during the 19th World Meteorological Congress in Geneva. Both sides will carry out pragmatic cooperation in fields such as weather forecasting, early warnings, satellite application, education and training, and jointly enhance the capacity of meteorological services for economic and social development. Dr. CHEN Zhenlin, Administrator of China Meteorological Administration (CMA), and Mr. Fetene Teshome, Director General of Ethiopian Meteorological Institute (EMI), signed the MOU on behalf of the two sides.

CMA and EMI signed the MOU on the morning of May 31 the local time Photoed by LI Zishuo

Dr. CHEN Zhenlin remarked that this was the first MOU officially signed between CMA and National Meteorological Service of an African country in the field of meteorology. He expressed that CMA was willing to help Ethiopia modernize its meteorological system through practical cooperation in various fields and strive to become a paradigm for the bilateral meteorological cooperation between China and African countries.

Mr. Fetene Teshome thanked CMA for the strong support to Ethiopia's meteorological development over the years. He said that China and Africa, as well as China and Ethiopia all boasted a long history and enjoyed profound friendship, and there was great potential for future cooperation in the field of meteorology. He anticipated that through cooperation, Ethiopia would further promote its modernization, in particular, enhance its capacity in disaster prevention and reduction and serving economic and social development through the joint development of an early warning system.

The two sides will focus on the joint development of the integrated platform of cloud-based meteorological early warning system and the establishment of CMA meteorological satellite data broadcasting system at EMI to help modernize Ethiopia's operational systems and meteorological infrastructure.

Editor: Liu Shuqiao