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Rainstorm early warning to be enhanced to deal with extreme weather


On April 7, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) activated meteorological disaster (rainstorm) early warning signals optimization and adjustment work, and will set up the new standard of rainstorm early warning signals through extensive survey and in-depth research. It will select 14 pilot counties (cities, and districts) to carry out localized dissemination pilot work. After the adjustment, meteorological departments at all levels will incorporate rainstorm (thunderstorm)and gale early warning signals according to local conditions, and 1-hour rainfall intensity into the rainstorm early warning standard.
Meteorological departments will conduct wide-ranging research through varied channels oriented towards the current early warning signals dissemination standard and adjustment conditions. Meteorological departments of all provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) will execute local multi-temporal and spatial scale precipitation climate feature analysis, and reinforce the application of meteorological disaster integrated risk survey phased results. They will complete the localized revision work of thresholds, prevention guidelines, and dissemination wording, and formulate the revision plan which applies to diverse climate background zoning within the region. Relevant pilot work is expected to provide reference experience for the optimization and adjustment of national early warning signals to draw on.

Short-range heavy rainfall is prone to trigger all manner of disasters like urban waterlogging, mount torrents, geologic hazards, and middle and small rivers flooding. They are highly valued in this adjustment work. Meteorological departments of all provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) will incorporate 1-hour rainfall intensity into the revised rainstorm early warning signals standard of all levels in accordance with local weather and climate characteristics. Meteorological departments at all levels will incorporate rainstorm (thunderstorm) and gale early warning signals which include early warnings like lightning, severe convection, short-range gale, and short-range heavy rainfall according to local conditions. (Apr. 15)
Editor: Liu Shuqiao