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FY-2C satellite successfully deorbited

Source:China Meteorological News Press26-12-2014

It is reported that from December 10 to 13, FY-2C satellite has been successfully deorbited.

FY-2C was the first operation application satellite of FY-2 satellites and the first geostationary meteorological satellite achieved continuous and stable operation in-orbit. It was launched in October 19, 2004 and stopped operation in November 25, 2009. After that, the satellite had been in backup status.

The deorbited work was officially started at 10:00 a.m. of December 10 and finished on December 13. After deorbiting, all instruments of the satellite were closed. The whole process and the results met our mitigation specifications of space debris and IADC tasks.

Currently, there were three FY-2 geostationary meteorological satellites in-orbit. At the end of December, China will launch the FY-2 08 satellite to further protect the needs of the operation. (Dec. 25)

Editor Shi Long