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CMA issued China's weather and climate features of 2014/2015 winter

Source:China Meteorological News Press04-03-2015

On March 3rd, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) published weather and climate features of 2014/2015 winter, which covered four contents involving temperature, average precipitation, extreme cold in northern areas, El Nino and winter monsoon of East Asia.


2014/2015 winter was the fourth warmest winter since year of 1961. The average temperature of 2014/2015 winter was -2.3℃, about 1.1℃ higher than the normal years. Except for western Tibet, southern Qinghai and southern Hainan, most parts of China saw higher temperature in 2014/2015 winter. Weather was colder at the beginning of winter, but warmer in middle and late winter.


The average precipitation was 38.5 mm, 5.6% less than the normal years. There was 50%-80% less precipitation in western Inner Mongolia, western Henan and northern Yangtze-Huaihe basin .


Extreme daily cold observed in 149 meteorological stations mainly distributed in Northeast China, North China, the Yangtze-Huaihe basin, eastern Northwest China and western Southwest China.


The appearance of El Nino had the positive contribution to this warm winter. Recently, El Nino have been in the stage of decay. In addition, the intensity index of winter monsoon was -0.28. Weaker East Asia winter monsoon was helpful because the temperature became higher in winter. (Mar.4)


Editor Hao Jing