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CMA and MWR deepened information sharing, forecast consultation and emergency action

Source:China Meteorological News Press31-07-2015

Recently, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and Ministry of Water Resources jointly published a Notice to deepen cooperation in the aspects of information sharing, forecast consultation, emergency response and linkage.


Two sides will establish information sharing system to boost exchange and regular notification on condition of rain, flood, drought and others. Joint conference or consultation on typhoon, rainstorm, flood and other major disastrous weather process and disasters also will be set up.


Disasters warning and emergency linkage mechanism are key cooperative contents between two sides. According to the Notices, CMA and MWR should strengthen coordination mechanism, deepen warning information released system, take full advantage of basic-level meteorological messengers and make weather modification paly the full role in drought relief and water resources utilization. 


Two departments will also build the joint investigation system for major disasters to invest and analyze cooperative results.  (July 31)


Editor Hao Jing