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WMC-BJ provides monitoring services amidst tropical storms in Southwest Indian Ocean affecting Africa

Source:China Meteorological News25-02-2022

On February 16, tropical storm Dumako in Southwest Indian Ocean made landfall in eastern coastal region of Madagascar on February 15. Targeted at tropical storms frequently generated and affected Africa in Southwest Indian Ocean, CMA has continued to provide monitoring services.

Since January 27, World Meteorological Centre Beijing (WMC-BJ) continued to carry out monitoring of the track and intensity of Batsirai. By February 9, Batsirai (the tropical storm generated in January 27 which affected Madagascar) weakened into tropical depression. WMC-BJ has released 26th global tropical storm monitoring bulletins, and timely released the dynamic English reminders about the storm. It has pointed out that from December to the next March every year was the frequent onset of tropical storms in Madagascar. Relevant countries should warn against the adverse impacts incurred by precipitation.

National Satellite Meteorological Centre (NSMC) has fully leveraged multi-source satellites like meteorological satellite FY-2H and FY-3D to timely monitor the movement of Batsirai and the flooding in eastern Madagascar. NSMC has also provided relevant materials to users and affected countries and territories via CHARTER mechanism.

Monitoring images captured by FY-2H satellite prior to and after tropical storm Dumako made landfall Source: National Satellite Meteorological Centre

Author: Wen Ke, Qian Qifeng

Editor: Liu Shuqiao