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RWC Beijing guides data quality improvement in WMO RA II

Source:China Meteorological News Press09-05-2022

Recently, meteorological departments of Kazakhstan have expressed their gratitude to Regional WIGOS Centre (RWC) Beijing for its technical guidance and support via email.

In February, after RWC Beijing carried out monitoring and assessment of 35 member states and member territories of WMO RA II, it found out that some of the observation stations have questionable data quality. Cui Xi'ai, technical expert from RWC Beijing has reported on abnormal sites and relevant information on the strength of the abnormal event management system of WMO. Through repeated communication and verification, RWC Beijing has helped those member states of WMO RA II to swiftly locate the cause of abnormal sites and provide reference for problem solving and solution.

Under the guidance of RWC Beijing, Kazakhstan has completed the observation quality improvement of 7 stations in Zhanatas and realized the elimination the list of questionable sites, which have provided good reference for RWC Beijing.

So far, RWC Beijing has conducted coordination with all members of RA II and tracked and solved questionable sites with low data quality. It has accomplished the quality improvement task of air pressure data in 10 international exchange stations since its operation.

Editor: Liu Shuqiao