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CMA will continue to cooperate with PMD on disaster preparedness providing flood prevention suggestions

Source:China Meteorological New Press15-11-2022

From October 11 to 21, Chinese government’s expert team organized by the Ministry of Emergency Response went to Pakistan to conduct post-disaster assessment work after flooding. The expert team is composed of 11 experts from agencies of meteorology, hydrology, disaster relief, disaster condition assessment, flood prevention and control, etc. The expert team has done research and carried out in-depth exchanges to assist in flood control. Gao Ge, meteorological disaster risk management expert from China Meteorological Administration (CMA) is a member of this team.

The flooding condition in Dadu, Pakistan

The expert team has conducted consultations with departments in Pakistan including National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). The expert team travelled to Sindh, the most affected area in Pakistan, and conducted detailed research. In this process, it has learned regarding relevant information about the massive flooding in the monsoon season of 2022 and communicated flood control and disaster preparedness experience. With counterparts of Pakistan, the expert team has exchanged views in terms of post-disaster reconstruction and flood control and disaster mitigation, and proposedsuggestions on disaster-hit region reconstruction in the near term and medium and long term measures to ramp up flood control and disaster reduction capacity.

The expert team carried out field trip in Dadu, Pakistan

The local governmental official of Mirpur Khas, Sindh, expressed that the expertise and rich experience of the Chinese expert team was quite impressive. And with its assistance, he believed that Pakistan would better reduce losses.

The expert team provided reference for grasping the extremity of precipitation and also carried out comprehensive judgment of major rainfall processes in monsoon rainy season and analysis of rainfall in the process, and provided science-based reference for diagnosing flooding causes and degree.

CMA has been paying close attention to this occurrence of monsoon floods in Pakistan since June and collaborating with PMD in meteorological satellite monitoring (in particular FY-3 and FY-4 satellites) for flooding monitoring and analysis, meteorological information application, weather forecast, etc. On CMA’s World Meteorological Centre Beijing website, PMD’s user account is tailored with global model products in real time for reference, assisting the weather service for disaster response work. Besides, the CMACast system in Pakistan has been upgraded with the new equipment and up-to-date application platforms.

CMA will further reinforce cooperation with Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), conduct technical exchanges, to jointly ramp up the capacity of disaster preparedness and response to climate change. (Nov.15)

Photos: provided by Gao Ge

Author: Liu Shuqiao

Editor: Xu Nenyu