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FY-3E and FY-4B become officially operational

Source:China Meteorological New Press05-12-2022

On December 1, after 6-month trial operation in observing typhoon, rainstorm, and severe convection during this year’s flood season, FENGYUN-3E meteorological satellite and FENGYUN-4B meteorological satellite and their ground application systems become officially operational.

As members of World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Integrated Global Observing System, FY-3E and FY-4B have effectively supported “Belt and Road” construction and disaster preparedness.

On September 29, 2021, FY-3E released the first batch of products of high definition global ocean surface wind field distribution of different time intervals, atmospheric temperature and humidity distribution of different heights. Source: National Satellite Meteorological Centre of CMA

Researches were carried out on numerical weather prediction (NWP) assimilation by harnessing instruments onboard FY-3E during the periods of typhoon Muifa and typhoon Ma-on. The data assimilation of FY-3E has elevated the forecasting evaluation of quantitative precipitation, which has boosted the rainfall forecasting capacity of NWP system.

FY-4B has activated 22 intensive observations during its trial operation. It has played an instrumental role in weather forecast of precipitation in North China, severe convection in Qinghai, cold vortex in Northeast China, and typhoon emergency response.

During trial operation, FY-3E has pushed 650GB data to National Meteorological Information Centre via data distribution, providing data services to users at home and abroad. FY-4B has provided 90 kinds of product sharing services and released 37 kinds of products.

So far, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) has successfully launched 19 FY meteorological satellites, of which 7 remain in orbit, providing data and services to 124 countries and territories around the world. (Dec.5)

Editor: Liu Shuqiao