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China Climate Bulletin 2022 is rolled out

Source:China Meteorological New Press24-02-2023

On February 6, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) released China Climate Bulletin 2022. The Bulletin makes a comprehensive analysis of China's basic climate condition, climate system monitoring, and major meteorological disasters and extreme weather and climate events. It makes a complete evaluation of the impact of climate on industries, the environment and human health, and fully reflects China's new results and progresses in climate system monitoring, climate impact assessment and climate service application.

According to the Bulletin, in 2022, China's climate conditions are generally adverse, with obvious warm and dry climate conditions, and noticeable drought and flooding disasters. The national average temperature ranked second on record, and precipitation was the lowest since 2012. Regional and staged drought was obvious, and southern portions of China were affected by drought in summer and autumn. The rainstorm process was frequent, and flooding wreaked havoc on South China and Northeast China. The number of typhoons which made landfall in China was fewer. In summer, the strongest high temperature since 1961 occurred in central and eastern portions of China, and the Indian summer weather was remarkable in southern China. The cold wave processes increased in numbers. In February, there was continuous low temperature rainy, and snowy weather in southern China. From late November to early December, 2022, strong cold wave caused precipitous temperature drop in many places. The severe convective weather process was less.

In terms of temperature, the national average temperature in 2022 was 10.51℃, 0.62℃ higher than that of normal years. The national average precipitation registered 606.1mm, 5% less than that of normal years. The precipitation in Northeast China, South China and North China was more plentiful.

Climate is the natural environment that humankind depends on for survival. It is also a crucial basic resource for sustainable development of economy and society. CMA has organized the compilation of the Bulletin to help the public and the community from all walks of life to understand the climate condition, major weather and climate events and their impacts on the economy and society in a timely manner, thus facilitating response to climate change.

Editor: Liu Shuqiao