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In-orbit testing of FY-3G activated

Source:China Meteorological New Press11-05-2023

On May 5, it's reported from the first meeting of the in-orbit testing leading group of FENGYUN-3G meteorological satellite(FY-3G)that the in-orbit testing of the satellite was officially launched. According to the plan, during the in-orbit testing period, FY-3G will follow the principle of testing, application and service at the same time, and strive to give play to its application benefits during the meteorological services for flood season and support for major events.

FY-3G, China's first and the world's third dedicated meteorological satellite for precipitation measurement, was successfully launched on April 16. At present, the satellite has completed various stages of flight control, and is in stable state. Its application system has completed testing preparation in five fields such as weather, numerical weather prediction, weather modification, ecological environment and disaster monitoring, and global application. Its satellite, ground and application systems are all ready for in-orbit testing.

Editor: Liu Shuqiao