17-05-2012Source:China Meteorological News Press

MICAPS was developed from 1994, and was released version 1 in 1997,version 2 in 2002 and version 3 in 2007. Thanks to the 17-year sustained development, MICAPS has become an internationally advanced weather forecast production system built on proprietary technologies, integrated the novel forecast technologies and techniques developed by China Meteorological Administration, and promoted S&T advancements in the meteorological community, raised the accuracy of forecasts in an effective and sustained manner. MICAPS has played a key role in both forecast operations and scientific research.


MICAPS is a modern full-purpose forecaster workstation system for processing and displaying meteorological data. The multiwindow technology and specialized applications make MICAPS the ideal tool not only for operational weather forecasting, but also for other applications where meteorological information plays a vital role for other business.

MICAPS Main Window with the four scenes. Each scene shows different types of meteorological data.


Meteorological data is displayed in layers which are combined into MICAPS scenes. There are layers for visualizing observational data, for example station measurements, radar echoes or vertical soundings. Other layers allow the visualization of model data. Several layers taken together comprise the MICAPS scenes.


·The standard graphics workbench of Chinese forecasters.


·Used by all local weather centers over China and national Centers and ocean forecast centers, etc.


·An interactive system that integrates all meteorological, satellite, and radar data into one computer workstation.


·Have the interactive capability allow forecasters to view, analysis, combine, and manipulate graphical and vector weather data.


·Provides effective means for forecasters to prepare and issue forecasts.


·Open and scalable architecture including data treatments and productions.


·MICAPS3 client is open-ended system architecture. The system can easily be extended by further layers and applications according to user-specific requirements.


·MICAPS-SWAN (Sever Weather Automatic Nowcast System), MICAPS-Typhoon, MICAPS-3D, etc.