Sector Services

14-09-2018Source:China Meteorological News Press

On February 7, 2012, Dr Zheng Guoguang, Administrator of the China Meteorological Administration, shook hands with Chen Lei, Minister of Water Resources. The two departments signed the Memorandum of Cooperation on Accelerating Development of Water Conservancy and Meteorology. This is the 16th cooperation agreement signed by China Meteorological Administration with the civil affairs, land and resources, water conservancy, forestry, tourism and electric power grid departments in five years.


The signing of the cooperation agreements expanded the meteorological services, defined the development direction, and injected the driving force in improving the pertinence and effectiveness of professional meteorological services to integrate the meteorological services in all fields of economic and social development. 


China has expanded the traditional meteorological service fields from agriculture, geological disasters, hydrology and aviation to the sea, forest and grassland fire prevention and control, transportation, energy, urban life, tourism, environment and public health sectors, totaling nearly 100 sectors. The meteorological administration has made ongoing efforts to expand the cooperation modes by holding the meteorological disasters early warning liaison conference and training courses,  and explore the new service fields by centering on demand to offer customized one-stop services.


Centering on the requirements of vigorously developing the wind power industry, the meteorological administration has rapidly developed wind power meteorological services. At present, the services have covered the wind energy resource assessment, wind farm site selection, wind power prediction and forecast, wind power disaster early warning and so on. In 2011, the assessment to the wind power meteorological services indicated that the services have contributed 1.85 percent of production to the wind power industry, or about 885 million yuan. 


The meteorological services for hydrology and geological disaster have adjusted the service focus to improve pertinence of services in recent years, especially for the mountain torrent geological disaster prevention and control, medium and small river control and medium and small reservoir risk elimination and consolidation, and non-engineering measures for ecological environment improvement to improve the monitoring and early warning capability of torrent and hydrological disasters.


Since 2011, the central government has supported the meteorological administration to explore the new development mode of professional meteorological services which centers on the public health, highway transportation, tourism, sea, hydrology, electric power, railway, and urban disaster prevention and reduction with the urban meteorological disaster prevention and reduction funds.(Up to 2014)