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China’s meteorological departments conducted colorful celebration activities for WMD

Source:China Meteorological News Press21-03-2020

On March 22, Fangchenggang municipal meteorological department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region delivered a live broadcast lecture of meteorological science popularization. The host and professional personnel have introduced siting and layout of meteorological observing stations, significance of meteorological sounding environment, functions of meteorological observing instruments, and so on. 

To celebrate World Meteorological Day, since March, Fujian provincial meteorological departments have organized a series of online and offline activities. Meteorological science popularization knowledge is on the No.2 subway of Fuzhou subway. 

On the occasion of World Meteorological Day, a cloud lecture was delivered in Lingjiaohu secondary school of Jinzhou, Hubei. The teacher led the students to visit the ground meteorological field online. The picture is meteorological personnel is showcasing the rainfall gauge on the live broadcast.

To commemorate World Meteorological Day, since March, the Fujian Meteorological Service has organized a series of online and offline activities. The picture shows that on March 20, the 323 "Fuqi" meteorological science subway train of Fuzhou Subway Line 2 went online. It was filled with tips and prizes for answering questions on meteorological science and.

On March 20, the Barkol Meteorological Office of Xinjiang utilized “Tik Tok Live”to carry out the science popularization on World Meteorological Day. A surface meteorological observer, gave audiences a vivid and understandable meteorological science class. The online live event promoted this year's World Meteorological Day theme "Climate and Water" and related knowledge on meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation, and grasped the public' s demand for meteorological services.

From March 18 to 20, Yongfeng Meteorological Office of Jiangxi has carried ut online celebration activities. On March 18, the meteorological staff shoot some short videos to lead the audience to visit the observation field online and introduce the meteorological observation instruments.  

On March 19, Jinzhong Meteorological Office of Shanxi organized a meteorological science popularization event with the theme “Cloud Visit- Entering the Meteorological Observation Field in Another Way”. The students of primary School visited the observation site and the meteorological early warning information center online through the live broadcast class of software. Focusing on the theme of "Climate and Water" on World Meteorological Day, the " Cloud Visit " event also set up the prizes Quiz on weather phenomena related to water. The event was popular with the students.

From March 21 to 23, there will be an online live class on weather modification for primary and high schools in Deqing County of Zhejiang. The picture shows the operator is preparing for the live broadcast of how to load the rockets of artificial precipitation.

On March 19, a student of senior high school in Tangshan of Hebei, online visited digital exhibtion hall of China Meteorological Science and Technology Museum at home. 

On March 18, Zhu Dingzhen, an expert of CMA gave an online lecture on meteorological science. About 900 students of a primary school in Hanshan district of Hebei listened the science lecture online.(Mar.21)

Editor Hao Jing, Liu Shuqiao