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CMA and CMS to kick off on-line commemoration for 2020 WMD

Source:China Meteorological News Press17-03-2020

To celebrate the upcoming World Meteorological Day(WMD), China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and China Meteorological Society (CMS) jointly released a Notice to urge all-levels of meteorological departments and societies to enhance organization and cooperation with a focus on the on-line activities to celebrate WMD.

This year, the WMD theme is "Climate and Water", calling for a common focus on climate change and water conservation. CMA, as a member of WMO, will carry out the meteorological science popularization and other activities around March 23.

The Notice emphasizes that in the light of the impact of COVID-19, and the importance of taking protective measures against the virus, the all-level meteorological departments should strengthen organization, give priority to safety, and mainly adopt online celebration activities, to popularize meteorological science to the public.

This year, meteorological departments will actively participate in online lectures and courses of meteorological science and cooperate with other sectors including water resources, emergency management, health, science and technology to carry out science popularization. At the same time, meteorological departments will further enhance the outreach through utilizing new media to improve the science popularization availability and public participation.(Mar.12)

Reporter Zhang Hongwei

Editor Hao Jing