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Qinghai optimizes information transmission to help big data services

Source:China Meteorological New Press26-01-2021

On January 18, it is informed from Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Information Center that in 2020, subsystem of the meteorological information transmission system has realized more rigid data verification access and rapid quality control, elevated meteorological data quality, closely connected with data environment system, and fully enhanced real-time data management efficiency and application time efficiency.

The information transmission system has realized the exchange and control of texts, information and flow data, supported the high time efficient transmission of multi-kind, high frequency, big capacity, and multi-protocol real-time meteorological data. Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Service organized information technological staff to complete the integration of meteorological information transmission system with the big data cloud platform, and so on. In the meanwhile, staff have added 21 kinds of subscription materials, 145 kinds of broadcast materials, and others.

It is informed that this subsystem is a major system of realizing data collection and exchange at national-provincial and provincial-wide scale, an important system of downstream data collection and distribution of the satellite broadcast system of China Meteorological Administration (CMA), and is also a portal to Qinghai’s meteorological big data cloud system. (Jan. 21)

Editor: Liu Shuqiao