Meteorological Modernization


On January 12, 2006, the State Council distributed the Opinions on Accelerating Meteorological Undertaking Development (State Council No.3 Order). In the document, the State Council put forward that a meteorological modernization system up to the world level is to be established by 2020, which consists of “a comprehensive meteorological observation system, a weather forecast and prediction system, a public weather service system and a technology-supported guarantee system”. The Opinions on Developing Modern Meteorological Businesses (China Meteorological Administration (2007) No. 477 Document) further put forward that the modern meteorological business system, the national meteorological technology innovation system, and the meteorological talent system jointly form the modern meteorological modernization system and are important components of the meteorological undertaking with Chinese characteristics.


The central mission of framing a meteorological modernization system is to develop modern meteorological businesses. The focus is to improve the public weather service system, the weather forecast system and the comprehensive weather observation system. The three systems, respectively, center on improving the weather service coverage and the public satisfaction, the forecast accuracy and refined services, and the meso-and micro-scale weather monitoring and climate change monitoring quality. The new structure of meteorological modernization system puts more emphasis on demand orientation, modernization of public services, improvement of forecast-centered comprehensive capability, scientific and technological innovation and talent guarantee, and scientific management and comprehensive benefits. It is to improve the“Four Capability”(weather forecast capability, meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation capability, capability to response to climate changes, and weather resource development and utilization capability) develop leading equipment, leading technology, leading talent and leading stations, and enhance coordinated development of hard power and soft power. It is the high-level modernization with speed, scale, structure, quality and benefits.


Meteorological modernization is a dynamic development process to keep paces with the times and has different connotation, characteristics and objectives at different ages. It is also a comprehensive process of coordinated and sustainable development, involving meteorological businesses, services, science and technology, talent, management, culture, etc.


In 2011-2012, China Meteorological Administration has launched meteorological modernization pilots in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Chongqing, etc. and a meteorological modernization index system has been set up. China Meteorological Administration is formulating the meteorological modernization development outline and the national meteorological modernization master plan to promote modernization of the meteorological administration of all levels.