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21-05-2020Source:National Meteorological Center

Heavy rain in South China will persist on May 21. The National Meteorological Center continued to release yellow waring of rainstorm. Thunderstorm will be frequent in North China, and Northeast China.

From the daytime to tonight, southeastern South of the Yangtze River Region, South China, southeastern Tibet, southeastern Inner Mongolia, east Liaoning Peninsula, and Taiwan Island will be subject to heavy rain to rainstorm. Torrential rain will pummel southwestern Guangxi, central-eastern Guangdong, Taiwan Island, and southern Tibet. There will be severe convective weather process like short-range heavy rainfall,thunderstorm, or gale. The hourly rainfall will reach 40-60mm. pronounced rain will emerge in southeastern Tibet, southeastern Inner Mongolia, and east Liaoning Peninsula.

Affected by very severe cyclonic storm AMPHAN, from May 21 to 22, light to moderate rain or sleet will batter eastern Tibet and southern Qinghai. In high altitude regions, there will be moderate to heavy snow or snowstorm in some regions. Heavy rain to rainstorm will wallop southeastern Tibet. (May. 21)

Editor: Liu Shuqiao