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The Annual Meeting of CNC-WWRP held in Hangzhou

Source:World Meteorological Centre Beijing19-10-2022

The Chinese Committee of the World Weather Research Program (CNC-WWRP) was established in January 2021. Within the framework of WWRP, CNC-WWRP aims at promoting the development of weather research in China, and strengthening international cooperation. The key targets are to improve the monitoring, evolution and forecasting capabilities of weather for both the 0-14 days and seasonal and sub-seasonal weather, to refine seamless connectivity from observation, forecast to service, to inspire the growth of Chinese young scientists.

The annual meeting of CNC-WWRP was held in Hangzhou on August 16.This meeting was presided over by academician Tan Zhemin and Professor Fei Jianfang. The 10 working groups reported the updates respectively and a lively interdisciplinary discussion on the frontiers of meteorology research, challenges, integration of disciplines and development in the future. The committee members made a high agreement on the significance of strengthening the cooperation and communication between various scientific research units, vigorously encouraging and supporting young scholars to do high-quality scientific researches. The committee members expected that CNC-WWRP would be beneficial to the development of weather research in China.

It is informed that CNC-WWRP consists of ten working groups, including New technology in Observation, Big Data & AI, Numerical modeling & Technology, Processes & Predictability, Data assimilation & Ensemble forecasting, Theory & Technology on fine seamless forecast, Forecasting Evaluation, Impacts, Vulnerability & Risk, Communication and Education and Young Scientist, composed of Chinese scientists involved in the key directions of weather research.

Editor: Liu Shuqiao