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RSMC-ASDF BEIJING monitors the strong North Africa sand and dust storm in Europe

Source:RSMC-ASDF BEIJING21-03-2022

Affected by the cyclone in North Africa, a southeast gale of magnitude 5-6 occurred in northern Algeria at 6:00 on March 14 (UTC), with gusts of magnitude 9-10, accompanied by obvious sand blowing weather. The visibility decreased rapidly from about 10km to 5km. As the wind speed continued to increase, dust storms and strong dust storms occurred in northeastern Algeria at 12:00 (UTC), with a minimum visibility of only 200 meters. The dust has crossed the Mediterranean and affected Spain.

As of 17:00 on March 15, the dust is still affecting the above areas, and the visibility in some areas was only 100 meters. It is expected that as the cyclone system moves eastward and weakens, the dust would gradually weaken at night on March 16 (RSMC-ASDF BEIJING reported on March 15, 2022).

FY-3D meteorological satellite monitored at 14:10 on March 15,2022


Editor: Liu Shuqiao