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The International Distance Training Course on Climate Change opened

Source:China Meteorological News Press20-05-2022

In recent days, the International Distance Training Course on Climate Change was opened. This two-week international training aims to help facilitate deeper understanding of relevant scientific facts, elevate the capacity to formulate climate change policies, and participate in climate adaptation action, and enhance exchanges and cooperation among developing countries in field of climate change. 

This training has attracted 287 participants from 68 countries and regions. Apart from participants from sectors like meteorology, hydrology, and civil aviation, some teachers and students in institutions of higher education have also participated in the training. 

In terms of course setting, CMA Training Centre has invited famed experts and scholars to give lectures on the latest updates on scientific facts about climate change, adaptation, and mitigation, and push forward interdisciplinary integration. Furthermore, cultural lectures about 24 Solar Terms and meteorological culture in oracle are available. (May. 17)

Editor: Liu Shuqiao